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Please Note: To exceed the $25.00 donation limit, please add multiple donations to your digital cart!


Every painter needs a brush! We're calling upon you - our loyal customers - to contribute the funds that will help purchase art supplies for children that attend Puedmag Inkpire's free art classes in Ecuador!


As many of you know, we would not be where we are today if it weren't for the life-changing power of artistic expression. We are forever grateful to those who helped our younger selves create without boundaries; we owe our success to the amazing educators and volunteers who helped us follow our dreams!


This is an opportunity for the Puedmag Family to water the soil from which we grew; to provide education, opportunity, and inspiration for the next generation of leaders in Quito, Ecuador, and beyond!



The Puedmag Family. 

Art Saves Lives - Donations

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