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Quality Over Everything

We started Puedmag Inkpire in 2014 with a vision of what we wanted a tattoo shop to be, excellent customer service and quality tattoos. Since then we have grown creating products by artists for artists, expanding into apparel giving our artists more unique ways to express themselves. 

And though, our story has evolved over the years, one thing stays the same, our dedication to art and to our clients. Everything we put into Puedmag Inkpire is an accumulation of years of blood, sweat, hard work, and determination. Our shop is a reflection of that vision, with gold detail, fine art, all our dreams and goals in one place, that translate into our clients’ experience.

Puedmag means power and our logo Viracocha the supreme god, together they encompass everything we thrive to be within the industry. To bring quality, elegance, a higher level of service to both artist and client a like.  

Your experience is our experience, excellent customer service and quality tattoos, and so much more!

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