Monegarg - Puedmag Demon - Puedmag Inkpire

Monegarg - Puedmag Demon

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This shirt features original artwork by Mexican artist Mone Garg showing his own twist on the Puedmag logo and his representation of a tattoo artist.

With silver heat transfer vinyl highlights in the tattoo needle and gold heat transfer vinyl lettering, this shirt really stands out.

This design is complemented with a matching Puedmag logo on the front of the shirt.

Printed with a top-quality direct-to-garment printer and featuring handcrafted heat transfer vinyl details on 100% cotton basic crew neck tees.

Back Print Size (Width): 

XS = 7"
S/M = 8"
L/XL = 9"

Front Print Size (Height):

All = 2.5"