Tattoo Needle Cartridges



Puedmag Inkpire Tattoo Cartridges were created by Luis “El Kasique” Puedmag. With over 22 years of experience in the tattoo industry, El Kasique has studied many different needle and cartridge systems and has perfected his own system over the past two years.


With his ingenious design, needle groupings sit at the top of the cartridge allowing for optimal ink packing. This encourages ink to stay in the tip of the needle, providing immaculate ink application for the best, smoothest tattoo quality. The idea behind these cartridges is that they are made by an artist, with the needs of all artists in mind.


Puedmag Inkpire Tattoo Cartridge system exclusively carry bugpin needles. Bugpin needles are the thinnest needles on the market, and we ensure superior quality for optimal tattoo application and ink injection.


Puedmag Inkpire Tattoo Cartridges exclusively use a membrane cartridge system. This needle system provides optimal needle stabilization and prevents the backflow of ink and potentially harmful contaminants to ensure safety for both artist and client alike.




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