Luis Fernando Vinueza Puedmag

Luis “El Kasique” Puedmag first showed his fascination with tattooing at the early age of 11, creating his first tattoo machine from the motor of an electric car in his small hometown of San Francisco de Borja, Ecuador.


Puedmag subsequently moved from his humble roots in Ecuador to Canada, where he now co-owns Puedmag Inkpire with fellow tattoo artist and wife, Tina Legris. Through incredible perseverance, hard work and studying art extensively, Luis has become an award-winning tattoo artist, yet continues to remain humble. He sees himself as forever an apprentice; there will always be something new to learn and to grow as an individual and as an artist.


Getting tattooed with Luis is akin to going on a journey; from the first meeting he can take minimal information and transform it in ways you would never have imagined, breathing life into your vision. This ability to transform and create truly sets Luis apart as the unique artist he is.


“Tattoos are my life; my world. Come join my world.”



Tina Legris

Tina Legris has been exploring art and tattoo culture since she was 16 years old, eventually beginning her tattoo career in 2012. Along with husband Luis Puedmag, Tina is co-owner of Puedmag Inkpire. Tina constantly strives to reinvent herself whether it be through artistic expression, tattooing, motherhood, or through building a successful family business.


Tina has a very balanced approach to her tattooing process. She seeks to connect meaningful artwork to her clients and strives to create the best possible tattoo for each individual.  


 “My favourite part of tattooing are the stories behind each tattoo; being able to create something beautiful and be a part of each story makes this the best job in the world.”

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